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  • AMA Series 2-in-1 Sensor Taps
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  • Automatic Bidet
  • New Innovative Control Boxes
  • AMA Series 2-in-1 Sensor Taps
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  • AMA Series 2-in-1 Sensor Taps
  • KAPSARC Project
infrared sensor holders
Autotaps™ ASK DIY Sensor kits

Introducing Autotaps™ new sensor holder designs for our ASK 'Sensor Kit' Series. These new designs features higher protection, reliability, ease of use, installation and latest infrared/ fibre-optic activation technology. The designs comes in both wall or deck-mounted options.

SR6 Sensor Tap Remote Control
New sensor remote control

Autotaps™ FRC/IRC 6-keys remote control allows end-users/engineers to customize various settings on compatible sensor tap models. This amazing product can temporary switch the sensor off, turns water ON/OFF, flushes the system and many more functions.

Self powered control box
Autotaps™ New Hydro-turbine technology

Autotaps™ hydro-turbine generator system, which uses the motion of water to generate necessary power needed to run the sensor tap system. 100% Eco freindly solution with no need for an external electricity or battery source.

autotaps™ Wall-mounted Super-Fast Hand Dryer

Introducing Autotaps™ AHD-200 new automatic fast had-dryer designs for domestic or commercial application.

This new designs features super fast '7 seconds' drying time by use of super-powered jet wind.

It uses1,200W 6-phased low noise motor that offers more quiet bathroom use. Wall-mountable for convenience and blue LED lights that suits any washroom design spec.

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Automatic fast jet blade hand dryer - ADH200

automatic Bidet

Rosensa automatic bidet/toilet system is our latest sanitary ware innovation, and hygienic cleansing solution in toilets/washrooms without the use of tissues or wet wipes.

Touchless and ‘hands-free’ auto bidet that promotes a more hygienic cleansing solution, comfort, ease of use and convenience that will suit all types of users.

Automatic bidet is more comfortable, more effective and a lot more hygienic when compared with using tissue papers. Wet wipes clogs up the pipeline and not easily degradable, so using water is the future.

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automatic bidet



Water saving technology at its best

Autotaps™ manufactures, designs and distribute 'no touch' sensor activation automatic electronic mixer sensor taps, sensor flushers, automatic shower systems and accessories. We supply Taps to UK and International Markets

All our sensor electronic products incorporate state-of-the-art infrared and fibre-optic sensor technology, stylish designs, solid-brass outer shell construction. Our electronic sensor taps have several water saving features 


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Featured Electronic Taps

AMA-5206 sensor tap

2-in-1 Sensor tap - Swan-neck design sensor tap with automatic and manual activation with temperature control. Ideal for domestic applications


ASK-200 sensor kit

ASK Series sensor kits converts any manual tap to automatic sensor activation with great ease. Highly suitable for public and domestic applications.


ATS-1026 sensor tap

Curve neck design sensor tap - Solid brass outer shell construction with front facing sensor. Ideal for commercial applications


ATW-0048 Sensor Tap

Curve neck design wall-mounted sensor tap with integrated hidden spout infrared sensor. Ideal for commercial applications