• Automatic tap Control Box

    • What is a sensor tap control box?

      A control box (included in most sensor tap package i.e. ATX-Series, ATS-Series, ATO-Series) is a square box which sits or mounted underneath the sink as part of a typical sensor electronic tap installation process. Most of our sensor tap ranges come with a control box, except our ATT Series range.

      The control box is like a hub which enables water to flow IN (from main water supply) and OUT (to sensor tap). When you open up a control box, you will find a solenoid valve, power connections (Mains and battery compartment) and infrared signal wire connection.

    Typical Control box Features


    Electronic tap control box


    Electronic tap control box


    Inside a Control box

    Inside a control box, you'll find the following:

    Solenoid valve

    A solenoid valve is a device that allows or restricts water from passing through it. It has a built-in magnetic latch that opens and closes whenever an electric signal is sent or received from the infrared sensor.

    Battery Compartment

    The battery compartment holds 4 AA alkaline batteries. The battery can be used in conjuction with the Main power supply. For example, if the power goes, the DC battery power will automatically take over. The battery should last upto 2 years on an average usage of 16,000 cycles per month (Av. 500 cycles a day)

    Power Connections

    There are various cables inside the control box connecting DC battery and Mains AC power together and feeding required current to the solenoid valve and the infrared sensor.

    Sensor cable Connection

    The sensor cable is connected to the solenoid valve (to receive signals from the infrared) and to the power supply in order to get necessary current needed for activation.


    Typical Installation Layout

    control box thermostatic mixer installation